Large Bore Yidaki


Crystal Yidaki – Large Bore

Firm walled protective case included (available in Indigo or Black)

Tuned in the key of F **
** Customised orders welcome for specifically keyed instruments, please contact us

The Large Bore crystal yidaki is highly suitable for a deep and powerful transmission of sound waves. Most suitable for healing and meditation.

Clear Quartz Yidaki models are available for all designs

Please note for clear Quartz models a visible condensation will appear while playing compared to the frosted Crystal Yidaki model where that is less apparent.


Additional Options

** Hard case is a requirement for locations outside of the Perth CBD to protect the Yidaki during delivery


After more than 18 years of making didjeridus and yidakis in the Northern Territory of WA and in WA, Julian Silburn has designed this range of quartz crystal yidakis specifically for sound healing and performance.

After 3 years research and development I’m excited to now offer what I consider to be the most resonant and effective instrument for high performance yidaki playing and therapeutic sound healing work.

Playing with the mallet

These Yidakis have a unique design feature where they can be played like a crystal singing bowl.
Turn your Yidaki upside down and safely place mouthpiece on padded mat
Hold with one hand the Yidaki and with the other hand run the mallet around the rim of the bell part of the Yidaki,hold a reasonable pressure (not to hard), between the mallet and the rim of the bell.Keep on circling the bell to achieve the singing bowl tone.
This feature is excellent as part of your sound healing and can start a healing session or end a session.

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